Survey Design & Development

Heldrich Center researchers have extensive experience in designing, developing, and administering surveys; analyzing the results; and sharing the findings with clients, the media, and the public.

The Heldrich Center works with clients to tailor a survey to best meet the needs of the client, develop questionnaires, and create focus group discussion guides and protocols. Surveys are administered via phone, mail, and the Internet. Heldrich Center researchers also have considerable experience designing and conducting focus groups in order to glean in-depth thoughts and impressions from interview subjects.

Some examples include:

  • Since 1998, the Heldrich Center has conducted an award-winning national public opinion series titled Work Trends to obtain the views of workers, job seekers, and employers about job satisfaction, the economy, and government. To date, over 25,000 interviews have been conducted as part of the series. Findings have been reported in 30 reports and 2 books, and covered widely by the media and in the blogosphere.
  • Surveys of employers, workers, American Job Center staff, and Workforce Investment Boards about an array of topics, including disability employment, workforce policy, and workforce programs.


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