Program Design & Development

Across the United States, government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations are implementing employment, education, and training programs to help American workers and job seekers. Heldrich Center researchers work with a diverse array of clients to design, develop, and refine these programs so that they meet their goals and best help the individuals they are seeking to assist.

Some examples of Heldrich Center projects in this area include:

  • To enable workers and job seekers to find the most effective training programs, the Heldrich Center developed a Consumer Report Card for the state of New Jersey. This web-based tool reports on the performance of the state’s workforce training providers and gives students, workers, job seekers, and policymakers information on each provider’s track record for placing trainees in long-term employment.
  • In the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center, the Heldrich Center worked with the September 11th Fund as well as community groups and public and private agencies in an ambitious program serving unemployed workers in New York City and the greater metropolitan region who had lost their jobs as a result of the attacks. More than 11,000 people received counseling, job retraining, and reemployment services as part of the effort.
  • Since 2004, the Heldrich Center has worked on a myriad of projects dedicated to improving the employment and economic independence of adults with disabilities, both in New Jersey and nationally. Projects have included managing a national research and technical assistance center to improve adult employment, overseeing New Jersey state efforts to increase inclusionary practices that increase the employment of individuals with disabilities in competitive employment, cutting-edge research in job-driven strategies for adults with disabilities, and working with state policymakers and leaders to identify and implement exemplary practices in employment.


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