Labor Market & Industry Analysis

Heldrich Center researchers conduct sophisticated qualitative and quantitative analyses that provide clients and policymakers with a snapshot of the labor market, economic development, and industry markets. Such analyses also examine the concentration and characteristics of the workforce, workforce services, and educational programs.

The Heldrich Center has conducted analyses of a wide range of industries with a focus on determining the skills and abilities that workers need to succeed in today’s economy. The Center’s in-depth research has resulted in business-education partnerships that lead to better-designed education and training programs, and more efficient matching of qualified candidates to job openings in growing sectors of the U.S. economy.

Key projects have included:

  • Analyses of long-term unemployment, older workers, female and minority workers, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics college graduates.
  • An examination of the emerging skills and educational requirements of more than a dozen industries in New Jersey.
  • The development and distribution of web and print career awareness materials for industries such as biotechnology; health care; transit; and transportation, logistics, and distribution.
  • The development and management of industry talent networks seeking to connect employers, job seekers, educational institutions, and American Job Centers.


Jocelyn CrowleyLaurie Harrington, Maria Heidkamp, Kathy Krepcio, William M. Rodgers III, Hal Salzman, Carl Van Horn