Knowledge Dissemination and Technical Assistance

Researchers at the Heldrich Center help build the capacity of public and nonprofit education and workforce development providers facing limited resources, complex economic conditions, increasing worker skills demands, and a diverse pool of job seekers. The Center provides sophisticated knowledge dissemination and technical assistance to employers, educators, and workforce policymakers and practitioners on a variety of topics, including career and technical education, and industries such as transportation, logistics, and distribution.

Some of the Center’s most notable efforts include:

  • Working with public and nonprofit agencies to design and implement a reemployment strategy to assist workers in lower Manhattan who lost jobs after the terrorist attacks of September 2001.
  • Providing customized training for secondary school staff using online systems designed to assist students in career planning and development.
  • Disseminating detailed knowledge about jobs and opportunities in a variety of targeted industries in New Jersey, including health care and transportation, logistics, and distribution through the state’s talent network initiative.


Laurie Harrington, Maria Heidkamp, Kathy KrepcioCarl Van Horn