Please click on each staff member's name for their full biographical profile. Please note that the fax number for all Heldrich Center staff is 732.932.3454.

  • Senior Faculty Fellow

    Work, Family Life, and Family Sustainability

  • Research Project Manager

    Research Design, Predictive Analysis, Data Collection and Management, Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, Alternative Education, Career and Technical Education, Logic Models, Theories of Change

  • Project Coordinator

    Career and Education Awareness, Career and Technical Education, Instructional Technology

  • Researcher

    Research Design, Predictive Analysis, Data Collection and Management

  • Senior Researcher

    Career and Education Awareness, Career and Technical Education, Disability Employment, Health Care Sector Strategies, Program Evaluation

  • Director, Program Development and Technical Assistance and Director, New Start Career Network

    Disability Employment, Dislocated Workers, Higher Education/Community Colleges, Long-term Unemployment, Older Workers, Program Evaluation, Reemployment

  • Associate Professor and Senior Faculty Fellow

    Poverty and Family Welfare; Welfare Policy; Social Policy Implementation; Intimate Partner Violence

  • Research Associate

    Data Collection and Analysis; Income and Work Support Policies (TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP, childcare, tax credits, housing); Program Evaluation

  • Senior Faculty Fellow and University Professor

    Demographics and Housing, Regional and New Jersey Economics, Development Patterns and Transportation

  • Executive Director

    Disability Employment, Research Design, Workforce Policy

  • Visiting Senior Fellow for Diversity Studies

    Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Governance; Fundraising; Institutional Branding and Grantsmanship; Organizational Strategy; Human Capital, Performance, and Executive Coaching; International Civil Society Organizations and International Affairs

  • Professor and Chief Economist

    Economics of Social Issues, Labor Economics

  • Professor and Senior Faculty Fellow

    Globalization of Innovation, Engineering, and Technology Design; Labor Market Policy; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; Workplace Restructuring

  • Researcher

    Income and Work Support Policies (TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP, childcare, tax credits, housing); WIA Job Training Programs; Community Colleges; Program Evaluation; Data Mining and Predictive Analytics; Qualitative Research on Program Implementation

  • Senior Writer/Editor

    Social Media, Communications, Using Social Media for the Job Search

  • Director, Research and Evaluation

    Economics of Higher Education, Tuition Pricing, Student Financial Aid, Credit Transfer, Postsecondary Outcomes, Survey Designs and Complex Sampling, Uses of Administrative/Transactional Data in Research

  • Carl Van Horn
    Director and Distinguished Professor of Public Policy

    Dislocated Workers, Long-term Unemployment, Older Workers, Research Design, Workforce Policy

  • Research Associate

    Data Collection and Analysis, Qualitative Research, Long-term Unemployment, Older Workers

  • Senior Research Fellow and Professor

    Research Methodology and Survey Design